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Last spring I created a project on blogging for a Chevron and county office of education grant. The intent of the project was to encourage teachers and students to use blogging in the classroom. When I was searching for videos on blogging back then, I couldn’t really find what I needed, as I was looking for videos to promote teachers and students blogging, so my students and I created our own. Unfortunately the entire project itself is posted on a county password protected site called Ed1stop.

Some of my 8th graders did a wonderful video about using blogs to express themselves. My student director, Anthony, used a green screen and tagxedo images of each students’ blog site as the background for the student speakers. He brilliantly used an advanced video editing program (can’t remember which one) to create the actual video. The file was huge, though, so hopefully this compressed version on youtube will do it justice. All videos posted here were compressed fairly easily using QuickTime Pro.

I created this short video called “What’s a Blog” using screenshots of blogs (with permission of their creators). I used Apple’s Keynote (like PowerPoint) to create the video presentation and royalty free music from Soundzabound.

I created two more Apple Keynote presentations, one for teachers and one for students to illustrate the growth of blogging and the benefits to students. The blogging stats were found on the web during May 2010. The music is again from Soundzabound. The first 45 seconds of these videos are the same, the later halves vary as the benefits are geared towards encouraging a teacher to have their students blog in the teacher video whereas the student video has similar benefits aimed more directly at the students themselves.

Here is the teacher video called “The Blogging Generation 4 Teachers”:

Here is the student video called “The Blogging Generation 4 Students”:

7 thoughts on “Videos About Blogging

  1. I like that you have your students creating such interesting videos. For a really basic introduction to technological tools, I like the Common Craft videos. I work with elementary school students, so the level of complexity is just about right. (although some of my peers found them helpful too…)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! You can see my results for challenge #6 atBook Frontiers—Movin’ and Groovin’.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great videos. I think we need to promote more work like this, so that teachers/students are encouraged to create their own media. Thanks for sharing all the resources that you used and especially the royalty free music sites. I also like using and Have you found music to be one area where students and other teachers want to use the latest music hits as background to their work?

  3. These are powerful videos with a real message for education. I really liked the student video with their blog’s visual analysis in the background and the statements that they made. What impact does this have for education? How can we link up more classes for greater conversations?
    Did your students gain an audience outside of the classroom? If so, who did comment? If not, how can we get that happening for them?

  4. I love the student video talking about their blogs. I know our 8th grade teachers who are trying to blog with students are having trouble with them taking ownership. I think seeing this video would really help them jump on board. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These videos are great!! I am teaching my students how to create their own blogs right now and may show some of my students these clips! Please tell your student director Anthony that he did a great job on directing the video. I thought it was a clever idea to have the tagxedo backdrop for each student! He has great potential as a director.

  6. Absolutely fantastic little promos you’ve created there about blogging. I think it will really grab the kids attention and make them interested.

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